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Knee protectors

We are Europe's leading provider of knee protectors made of polyurethane. The material polyurethane offers optimum properties for this purpose. The combination of excellent cushioning, high abrasion resistance and the desired stability.

For all professions that require a longer one-sided kneeling posture, e.g. tilers, screed layers, paving layers, masons or gardeners, we offer the appropriate models. Knee protectors are an important part of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment, and protect the user from premature fatigue, long term damage to ligaments and joints, and from work related accidents when working in a dangerous environment. Our knee pads and knee cushions find their use not only in the professional field but also for free time activities. For work in the house or in the garden, knee pads and knee cushions facilitate the work.

With the implementation of the EC Directive 89/686/EEC knee protectors are part of the personal protective equipment and must be subjected to a type examination. This directive will gradually be replaced by a European PPE regulation by 2019.

Type tests for knee protectors must be carried out by accredited testing and certification bodies. The certificates confirm that the parameters defined in EN 14404 are met. These criteria are among others: Puncture resistance (according to the performance levels 0, 1 or 2), pressure distribution, wearing comfort as well as attachment, width and elasticity of the straps.

For the protection of consumers, only knee protectors certified to EN 14404 may be marketed within the EU. The products must be marked accordingly with the standard, the performance level and any other features.

Performance levels of knee pads

The performance levels are divided as follows:

  • Level I

    Knee protection, which is suitable for a level surface and does not provide protection against puncture.

  • Level II

    Knee protection suitable for a level or uneven surface and providing protection against puncture with a force of at least (100 ± 5) N.

  • Level III

    Knee protection suitable for a level or uneven surface in difficult conditions and providing protection against puncture with a force of at least (250 ± 10) N.

Our knee protectors have been tested and certified to EN 14404 in accordance with these regulations.
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