Made in Lohne since 1825. Our quality tools for the highest demands.

Construction tools

As a manufacturer of quality tools, we meet the high demands of our customers. The focus of our product range are tools for tilers, masons and plasterers, so we produce, among other things, rubbing boards, jointing boards and plastering boards in different models and sizes as well as boards with a wide range of different coverings.

Our products are known nationwide; For example, one of our patented brands, the "Washboy" tile washing bucket, has been a household name among tilers for years. We are continuously developing our tool program. This results in a large number of patents that underline our ability to innovate and the knowledge we have of the problems that are encountered in the application. From the definition of the task, the development of a solution approach right up to the production of a new product, all phases of new product development can be carried out in-house.

Our customers have valued us as a reliable supplier for decades. In the B2B business, we offer customised possibilities for product design. Our products can be found under the Kronen-Hansa brand but also as private labels. The range of services offered to our customers is supplemented by high performance logistics.

Our business partners are distributed all over the world. Both professionals and ambitious handymen worldwide rely on tools "Made in Lohne".

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